Duration: October - December 2021
Team Project


A Collaborative Marketing Campaign aim to design a product kit from a scratch which includes marketing, packaging, branding, advertising for the product.

My Role:

As a leader, I was responsible for creative directing the whole campaign and taking care for the branding as well as looking over final 3d renders and doing final infogrpahic of the project.


We made a surprise kit with the stuffs related to cosplay, anime drawings and unique anime collectables form the show inside a single box. We divided whole project into three parts branding, packaging and marketing with an infographic.

Software used:

Illustrator logophotoshop logo
XD logoBlender logoProcreate Logo


Brand Position

Live your Reality.

Arata is a surprise kit with the stuffs related to cosplay, animedrawings, Virtual reality and unique anime collectables from the showinside a single box. This itself is making the whole imaginative worldof anime come to life. This kit will bring people together from aroundthe world, and let them enjoy what they love the most.

Brand Objective:

Our objective is to create fun and bring Otakus from around the world together, living what they actually love. Creating their own reality. Our core value is to bring joy and happiness in the world of anime fans. Literally converting their imaginations into reality.

Colour Palette


About the Products
There are four different kits based on four different characters. Each kit is a mystery and the user don't know about what kit they will get. Each Kit will have five to six products based on the theme which ranges from cosplay items, cards, jewelry box, VR and anime merchandise.


We created 4 character themed kits each having a cosplay kit, drawing manga guide, a figurine, stickers, cards and make up kit. In totals 25+ items combining in mystery kit.

Cosplay ninja tools
it includes ninja tools like kunai, etc. In all four boxes.

Jewelry &
Make-up Kit
It has the character's jewelry & cosmetics, present in all kits.
Drawing Guide
All 4 kits include instructions for teaching manga drawing.

This guide has all the instructions on drawing a manga character. These are particularly for Naruto, Pain, Itachi and Kakashi. Available in both themes.

Cosplay Dress
All kits have one cosplay dress also like Itachi's Akatsuki cape.
Figurines & Cards

We have included figurines made from 3D printer and Cards which have motivational quotes of the characters and their pictures.

VR Headset & Merch
The kit also includes adjustable VR headset for phones to watch anime as well other merchandise like bottle, Akatsuki umbrella, etc.


We will be concentrating on all Pre-event plans, event day and Post events to keep the brand alive. There will be a 3 days event to launch the brand and the promotions will be done through social media. to attract everyone there will be a "are you happy?" campaign throughout the time of the events.

1 — 3

“Are You Happy?” campaign

THEME : Interactive, Creative and Imaginative.

• Prebooking of the product offering the customers 30% off on their first kit.
• Promotional Posts on Aniplex’s official website.
• ‘Are You Happy?’ promotional cards, where they can write which character they relate to the most.
• Promotional posts on NIMH on their different social media handles promoting the event.
• Announcement of different competitions to attract audience.
• Promotions on Social Media platforms and online ads on different platforms.
• Promotions through the use of Banners, Subway ads and Billboards all over the place.

Social media,
Banners, Billboards and Subway ads.

A three days event held by the collaboration with NIH by launching an “are you happy” campaign. Focusing on different social and mental issues. Also, doing fundraising for mental health. Creating a fun and dreamy exprience by using virtual reality, music and cosplay workshops.• Online promotion through various social media platforms and websites.

2 — 3

ANIFEST Launches!

EVENT DAY: A 3 days event

April 15th, 2022 (Anime day)
Anime convention Center, LA, USA


• ‘Are You Happy?’ kickstarts with speeches and different skits spreading awareness about mental health alongside streaming it online for the whole world to follow along.
• A dedicated booth for ‘Are You Happy?’ campaign where people are provided aback paper/card to vent on which will be anonymous if the customer chooses it to be.
• Product launch is kicked off with Aniplex support.
• Product launch is followed by the onset of the Cosplay and VR ( Virtual Reality)Events which will follow throughout.


• The second day of the event starts of with the different competitions being held along with online streaming in order for the people across the world to tune in on the experience.
• Cosplay event going on full pace.
• Panel one of the biggest attractions of these kind of events where different Manga artists come together and provide a manga art workshop for all.
• At the end of the second day we will announce the winners of the various contests held.


• Closing ceremony starts with the onset of the third day of the event.
• Followed by Music concerts while the whole show being streamed online.
• VR event and Cosplay continue all the way throughout the 3 days.
• Comic Con featuring the final panel alone with manga artists and merch signing.
• Online through Instagram lives, reels and promotions with proper hashtags on different social media platforms.
• Out of Home through the different contests held and the Musical Event and the Panel meetup.

3 — 3

Keeping it Alive

Post Event Startegy

• Regular Social Media Posts promoting the product via pictures with the kit’s products.
• Monthly events related to the kit’s products to keep the audience indulged.
• Event held every year on October 10th in order to promote the product on Naruto’s Birthday (according to the data books).
• Further announcements of new anime kits with collaborating with various anime to promote the brand even more and help the growth.
• Continued Featuring from Aniplex and promotion through different youtubers by collaborating and doing a unboxing/reaction reviews to reach even new demographic .MEDIAS FOR FOLLOW UP
• Online through Instagram lives, reels and promotions with proper hashtags on different social media platforms.• Out of Home through the different contests held and the Musical Event and the Panel meetup.
• Emails to customers.

Virtual Reality contets & more

Through social media posts and different social media platforms we would keep the brand alive.

Pre Event campaigns


POst event plans