Duration: July - August 2020
Team Project


To redesign a mainstream app by conducting a proper research about the problems and different situations customer experience. And redesign user experience and user interference which will more coinvent for the user than before.

My Role:

I was responsible for the final prototype of product. For the UX part we all divided work for the research, so I was to find out the issues with the searching system for the app.


We redesigned the Uber Eats app. after conducting surveys and doing proper research, we addressed the problems that users face while using the app and tried make changes to give them full user experience.

Software used:

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In this phase discuss about how does the app works. Reasoning behind mechanisms. finding out what re the issues and solutions and what is the whole purpose of the app as whole. Giving a perceptive to the working and existence of the app.


For Ordering Food
Delivering Food

Worrying about the delivery process. If it is done with proper hygiene protocol.

Orders are delivered late/not delivered without notifying the customer. And this is also lost sales for UBER and the restaurant.

Food is being kept warm during delivery People are missing out on items that they forgot to put down.

Orders are incorrect and assistance is hard to seek.


How we order food?
How does the customer feel when ordering food?
How to track order and payment?
How to verify drivers (identity, ID's)

Don't know what is going on behind the scene.
Making sure that your food is secure and driver is responsible.
Driver keeping proper hygiene during delivery (covid)


Purpose for ordering food and selling food.
Business and economy.

Lazy/busy don't want to/can't go out and buy food.
Might want to try/explore different cuisines.
In Quarantine, can't go out.


Designing the whole exercise for the problems and insights and following up with the ideation on steps to take solve different issues.



Food get cold because of late delivery.

Why deliveries are late?

Why drivers don't follow proper hygiene protocol when delivering?

Trust Issues


Making having heat-preserved box compulsory for registration of driver.

Setting up delivery time for the driver.

Improve the time delivered to be more accurate.

Include car cams to help people face less anxiety onwards health.

Deliver food with proper hand gloves, mask and proper hygiene protocol.


Add more options to menu and proper navigation system to different cuisine in the search area.

Proper implementation of the delivery system and help area.

Should add hygiene area for drivers so that customer knows that they are following it.

Should suggest or recommend food based on our last order.


A survey was conducted and 137 participants to determine problems, solutions for the delivery system and on the interface of the app.

Link to the results of survey.

85 (62%) people order food out of convenience

On average 46% people usually spent $10-$30 on online food and delivery.

24 (17.5%) people have issues with the delivery without gloves or masks.

52 (38%) people feel lazy and don't want to cook food so they order food online.

64 (46.7%) people found that the issue is late delivery.

50 (36.5%)  people found that the issue is late delivery.



User Flow

The Primary User flow to order a food, tracking it and leaving a review.



Link to Prototype