Duration: Jan - August 2022
Team Project


To pick a social issue and finding out the deep meanings behind it. Also, presenting a creative design solutions to make the event interactive and unique.

My Role:

I was mainly responsible for designing the website for the event and coming up with the idea for collaboration of people to participate in the event.


We chose the topic of "body shame" where we explored several meaning of body shame. We interviewed people and created a campaign "beyond compare." By creating a Website for the campaign we asked people to participate and share their story for the event.

Software used:

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What is Shame?

Shame can be defined as a feeling of embarrassment or humiliation that arises in relation to the perception of having done something dishonorable, immoral, or improper. While shame is a negative emotion, its origins play a part in our survival as a species.

What is
body shaming?

Body shaming is the action or practice of subjecting someone to humiliation and criticism for their physical appearance ranging from shape, size, scars, age, color, hair...and the list is never ending.


One in five adults said images used in advertising had caused them to worry about their body image. It is reported one in eight adults experienced suicidal thoughts or feelings because of concerns about their body image.

A 2019 report found that more than 3 in 5 adults who are obese encounter weight bias from their doctors. They also found people who were exposed to weight bias were more likely to develop obesity even if they were thin beforehand.

2 in 5 women and 1 in 5 men admitted they were willing to consider plastic surgery in the future to permanently modify their body image after being body shamed.

Campaign Introduction

Our campaign focuses on spreading an inclusive body positivity message for people of all size, shape and appearance. We want to provide a place of comfort and support and focus on creating a virtual space for the people who have had a challenging journey in accepting the way they look and for those who were body shamed.

We aim to provide a space to share their own experience anonymously and also read about other people’s stories and challenges. With our website, we will also provide all body positive resources for our viewers to gain information, educate themselves and most importantly find support and a community to let them know -they are not alone.

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