Duration: May - August 2022


To create an Independent Publication that focuses on a chosen source of hope & Social Issue. Indie magazine will include: Front and back cover, table of contents, Masthead, contributors, letter form the editor, two main features and additional pages to present the chosen topic.


Used "Acid Attack" as a main themes of the magazine. Representing the stories of acid attack survivors by using different illustrations, drawings, photography and type. Using hand lettering and creating own typeface for the title and content inside the magazine respectively. Also, using infographics to present the issue more effectively.

Software used:

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Procreate Logophotoshop logo

Skinned : covered with skin or with the skin removed.

Firstly, they deal with the pain of burning their skin, and then they deal with stigma and pain for their covered burnt skin.

SKINNED is a magazine which deals with the dreaded pain of the acid attack victim. It primarily aims to present the story of an acid attack and its survivors, their road of hatred, achievement and self-love. Skinned’s mission is to bring people to notice these things in the society that has engulfed many lives.
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